YouTube warning for offensive videos

Indian Internet users on YouTube

YouTube warning for offensive videos

YouTube has made another change in order to protect advertisers from posting offensive videos.  It’s time for YouTube to take some strong steps after view negative videos were going viral. Now company is taking some serious steps to avoid and make some serious steps for account suspension. Google is going to remove the advertisement from so many YouTube channels and for those who are posting unsuitable objects.

Even after all, this is not at all affecting the income of YouTube, that’s such an important thing for Google. As per the reports recently YouTube has cancelled its commercial relationship with a famous celeb video blogger Logan Pual. He was so popular but he was posting some inappropriate stuff and he posting a video with a suicide victim. This made YouTube take some serious steps and company ended up their commercial relationship.

Company executives mentioned that they are going to schedule discussions with their creators very soon. They are going to check what exactly they can do in order to tackle this challenge. They will spread some messages how not to post negativity via videos over social media. We all hope that this change will work for YouTube and it will make this a better platform for users and bloggers.

Stay tuned for more updates about offensive videos on YouTube and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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