Yahoo suffers hack affecting 1 billion users

Yahoo suffers worlds biggest hack affecting 1 billion users

That’s shocking news that Yahoo get to know about 3 years old security breach that enabled a hacker to cooperate more than one billion accounts. This is something really big for the big giant like Yahoo.

It’s like, more than a year before a detach hack and it that too company broadcasted around 3 months ago as well and that affected at least five hundred million users.


Yahoo didn’t say as if it considers the same hacker that may have pushed off 2 split attacks.

As of now, this company has got more than one billion monthly dynamic users, even though some have few various accounts as well and at the same time others have nothing.  As per reports it’s like an unknown number of accounts were exaggerated by both the hacks in the recent past.

Well in each attacks, information which is stolen has integrated with names, email ids, phone no’s, birth date’s data and few security questions along with answers. Yahoo says it believes bank-account information and payment data will not get affected at all. Rest let’s hope for the best.

This company is already getting hard competition from almost every other social networking sites and it’s really working hard in order to update. Yahoo answers are also getting popular now a days.

Company has already established as  a big brand already. And at this point of time such news can impact the image of this big venture. Previously it was more popular on the time of Orkut. And so many people were using Yahoo messenger as well for chatting and stuff. But after the arrival of other social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp somewhere yahoo messenger went lost. Let’s this how badly this news will impact.

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