Yahoo accounts hacking updates

Yahoo accounts hacking updates

Yahoo accounts hacking updates

Yahoo finally admits that around 3 billion accounts got hacked in the 2013 data breach. It was one the biggest ever hack till date and so many users lost their data during that hack. So many yahoo accounts impacted during this hack but yahoo has mentioned that so many accounts were inactive.

As per the further reports yahoo mentioned that more than 1 billion accounts were compromised in the 2013. Many yahoo users are having multiple accounts so way fewer than 3 billion affected but theft ranks were too high. This is the reason why Yahoo had to cut down the price of their assets in a sale to Verizon. Just because of that Verizon deducted its offer by 350 million dollars for yahoo assets. When the deal closed at that time company paid $4.48 billion for yahoo’s core business.

The major issue is that companies mostly don’t have such systems to cater all the information related to hackers. So that the company can investigate about such information in order to track hackers. But its quick difficult to guess right now that what exactly they access during the biggest hack.

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