Women in engineering roles

Women in engineering roles

Tech companies have only 26% women in engineering roles: Survey

 As per the survey, now Tech companies have only 26% women are there in the engineering roles. In this survey looked at all tech companies in the country and found this industry has really few female candidates. In fact there are just one woman engineer against three men engineers that is around 26% of the ratio overall. Surveyor collects the data for around three lakh women from all over the country.

A shocking result came out after that survey that around 45% of women candidates use to opt out after 8years. They all are moving out of core engineering roles and switching to some other profiles. Such women are mainly moving towards HR and other counseling jobs. Well when we talk about majority of the women in the tech industry they are into software testing profiles. When we talk about programming profiles there are hardly any women in our Indian tech market.

But when we talk about testing profiles there are 34 women out of 100 candidates in such kind of jobs. The major reason for this ratio is because women often take a break to start their family around this time. So many of them don’t use to come back due to out of touch after so long and it takes time. Even few companies also prefer male candidates as they are feasible for rotational shifts.

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