Whatsapp Update for iPhone users

Whatsapp Update for iPhone users

IPhone users, you can now ‘send’ Whatsapp messages even without internet.

There is a good news coming up for Iphone users, that now they can send the Whatsapp messages without even having internet connection. In such areas with no internet connectivity, low network issues. This feature is already there in Android Smartphones and now this is coming up to join Iphone users as well.

This is a bit on the heavier side and that will weigh around 107 MB.

After updating this to version 4.2017.0200, users will get a queue messages element. So that a user can send to anyone once they will get the network signals.  Once you’ll get the signals back messages will automatically delivered on other contact or groups.

You can access this feature by following such steps:

First you have to go through Settings, and then click on Data and Storage Usage, and then Storage Usage.

Right now we can share 10 pictures or videos in a go. Whatsapp hasn’t yet shared the option to select more than 10 media files. But now as per a latest update to Latest Web Technology News, Whatsapp has just increased that limit to 30 media files when it’s come to pictures and videos both. So now users will be able to share 30 files at one time. But this is for Iphone users.  This feature will be available for Android users as well very soon.

Recently Whatsapp rolled out another amazing feature that is GIF support. This is also gaining popularity among Whatsapp users. This feature is there with both Iphone and android Smartphones.

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Stay tuned for more updates related to iPhone users and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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