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WhatsApp has a new ‘storage feature’ now.

The Facebook owned big company WhatsApp is working really hard in order to update this popular app. Previously WhatsApp has rolled out the status feature update which was not up to the mark. Now company is coming up with few amazing latest updates about WhatsApp Storage Feature. This WhatsApp Storage Feature update will be so important in so many ways. As users can now check their storage space occupied by this app. Let’s just talk about this update in details.

As per the reports WhatsApp is going to roll out this storage feature really soon. This is under beta testing as of now. Where users will see a “Size Tab” and that will display the details about the space occupied by each conversation. Users simply need to click on individual conversation and from there they can check their storage details. They will get to know the details about how many pictures, videos, Gifs and texts have shared with contacts.

Apart from that they can even check the size of the file as well. That will really help users to sort the data as well as they can free their memory easily. Basically this is going to be a data management system which is going to be really crucial.

Previously status feature was not a hit but as per our sources this feature is going to gain popularity soon. Status feature is already becoming a headache for the company and now they are planning to bring back their previous text based status. There WhatsApp is planning to keep both the options where users will be free to select what exactly they want.

Stay tuned for more updates on this WhatsApp Storage Feature and other Latest Web Technology News Updates.

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