Whatsapp status isn’t a hit

WhatsApp missing features

Finally company accepts that its new WhatsApp status feature is not a ‘hit’

After facing a huge amount of criticism finally WhatsApp accepts that its new update WhatsApp Status is not at all a big hit. Infact WhatsApp is planning to take a step back and this app is going to stay back its previous one.

So many people also trolled WhatsApp for copying Snapchat and Instagram. We have already witnessed so many users were missing that old text based status. And those users posted about their disappointment on various social media platforms.

Now finally keeping the feedback received by users in mind now WhatsApp is again planning to make a change. WhatsApp is now working on bringing back the old feature again. So in that case it will be easy for the users to select what exactly they want. They will be able to choose between old text based status and new status feature.

Apart from this updates, users are still waiting for that feature wherein user can unsend in a conversation. This is also going to be so interesting when users will be able to click on “unsend” option. Let’s just wait for the official conversation on this matter by WhatsApp.

And this will encourage the users as well as the old text based status is coming back. WhatsApp is continuously working on the app’s updates in the recent past.

Stay tuned for more information on this WhatsApp status updates and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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