WhatsApp will soon allow you to edit sent messages

WhatsApp soon allow you to edit sent messages

This is coming up as a big update from WhatsApp which is now supposedly receiving Gmail’s feature and this is something like recalling sent messages. As per a report, Facebook-owned service is now trying hard to check a new attribute and that will consent towards users to ‘recall’ as well as edit sent messages. That means now users can edit a sent message that has already been sent and incase of change of their mind. This message in case ‘recalled’, will delete from the receiver’s Smartphone.

There are few improvements and features which are just coming are as:

Updated Arabic, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Danish, German, English, Marathi, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese localizations.

Now there are few internal enhancements too that will allow WhatsApp to manage groups better.

This app WhatsApp has added the possibility to mute a status as well. And you’ll find the improvements to play audio clip as well and it is already there too.

Well as of now you can’t edit too old messages but from here on you can edit whatever you’ll be sending. And you can revoke your messages as well.

WhatsApp is slowly transforming to email tool. WhatsApp may also lose its significance if they initiate this feature and this is something like Instagram messaging feature.

Company has made so many improvements for the backup feature as well and for encrypting media in the backup too. It has added Low Light Mode for WhatsApp Camera. It is automatic.

On the other hand, up to now it is not clear yet how much time the customers will have to ‘recall’ a sent message. It expects to happen in seconds, similar as that in Gmail and Instagram as well. Additional situations that appear likely are that the beneficiary should not have seen the message. This means the ‘recall window’ will be available only till the receiver read that communication.

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