WhatsApp Sharing – Any type of file now

Whatsapp Sharing

WhatsApp Sharing – Now you can share any file type over WhatsApp

That’s a big update coming from the end of WhatsApp, wherein you’ll be able to share any kind of file. Recently WhatsApp lets you share few file types such as docs, spreadsheets, pdf files and slides. Now as per the recent reports by the company, they are going to change in the functionality. So that it will support all kind of file types.

WhatsApp is continuously working really hard for the back to back updates to make this app better and better. This functionality will really support so many users specially office going people.

This feature will be available for all three major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows phone. There you will be able to share the maximum of 128MB of file size for iOS and 100MB for Android.

Right now WhatsApp is experimenting with this new feature and app will roll out this feature for few selected users. But it will be up for all the users, but the process is going to be a bit slow.

WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update for iOS app regarding album, filters and reply shortcut. As per another update, WhatsApp has now extended its support for Nokia OS as well.

WhatsApp has already got so many rivals like Hike, FB Messenger, BBM etc but WhatsApp has the maximum user base.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Whatsapp sharing and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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