Whatsapp Security Updates

Whatsapp Security Updates

When we talk about WhatsApp Security Updates, so now WhatsApp is coming up with a new security feature now. WhatsApp is updating the app every now and then. This Facebook owned app has now got the “two-step verification” feature.

This is under beta version as of now since last November but soon company is going to roll out this. This feature will be available for all the users like android, iOS and Windows Phone.

As per this new feature, this will give extra security to this most popular app. By using this feature you will just get a secondary process of authentication, this will really help.

In order to active this feature you simple need to follow the below steps once you’ll the update notification:

  • You’ve to open your WhatsApp settings first of all.
  • Go through account under settings
  • Click on Two-Step Verification
  • Enable that section

Once you get the update about this feature you can enter your email as well over there. This is just to make the option available for you.

Once you have this enabled, your number will not permit you to re-verify on WhatsApp within 7 days without your pass code.
After seven days, your number on WhatsApp will permit to re-verify without your pass code. Just In case you lose all pending messages upon re-verifying they will lost it. In case of re verification on WhatsApp after 30 days and  that too without having pass code, you can lost your account and in that case you will get a new one for re-verifying.

Stay tuned for WhatsApp Security Updates & other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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