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Whatsapp new features

Whatsapp new features may let you track friend’s real time location.

This is such big news coming up from the end of Whatsapp. That now company is going to let you track your friend’s real time location. This is really amazing if it will work as per the conditions.

Well there are so many advantages and X-factors behind this update. Let’s just have a look on latest features of Whatsapp; this is going to make this app more interesting.

  • Real time location track feature
  • Call back feature
  • GIF sharing support feature
  • GIF search feature
  • Optimized Video Calling feature (for slow networks)
  • Click and instantly edit images with emojis and doodles
  • Various Language support feature
  • Attach up to 30 media files at one go (Images + Videos)
  • Send messages without internet connection

As per few leaked images on twitter which was clearly showing Whatsapp tracking feature. This is a part of beta version as of now and available for only few users.

This tracking feature is on disable mode by default as of now and one can activate this manually.

As per the reports, this new element will let Smartphone users track the group member’s details in real time.

Well, when it comes to instant messaging social media applications, there are so such apps which can match the popularity of Whatsapp. So this Facebook owned app, Whatsapp is the most accepted instant messaging app in this world. And this app is regularly updating its features.

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