WhatsApp missing features

WhatsApp missing features

WhatsApp missing features

WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging apps for us all, which keeps all of us connected with our relations. Have a look at few features that will make you recall about WhatsApp missing features. There are so many features which other rivals are using that WhatsApp should look out for.


Emoticons are really playing key roles in the exchange of messages just to show the expressions. But now stickers wherein you’ve preformatted messages in that have replaced those emoticons. So here with Hike and Viber you’ll notice such amazing stickers and those are missing from WhatsApp as of now.

In App Wallet

WhatsApp is planning for this feature but other apps like Hike has already launched it previously this month. After having this feature users can instantly transfer from one to other bank just to use their mobile number.

Auto Reply

You can create an auto reply and this is also an important feature, which is missing from WhatsApp. Facebook and Google Allo provide this option.

File sharing up to 1GB

You can now share around 100MB data over WhatsApp wherein Line lets you share around 1GB of data. WhatsApp has made the changes for PDF format and other files which weren’t there previously.

Private Chat mode

In few apps you can set the timer to keep it chat private that use to delete after sometime automatically. Apps like WeChat, Google Allo, Snapchat and Instagram provide this features that is totally missing in WhatsApp. It’s been so long we’re getting such updates that you can unsend chats from WhatsApp as well. But there are no such official confirmations on this.

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