WhatsApp delete feature is out for all

WhatsApp delete feature

WhatsApp delete feature is out for everyone

WhatsApp “Delete for everyone” is out for all users out there wherein you can delete the messages within 7 minutes. Previously company rolled out this feature for few beta users but now company has rolled out this for everyone.

This feature will come out to you with the new WhatsApp update notification that you can check with Play store. You can delete images and messages what you sent to your friends but you can’t delete quoted texts for now.

How can you make the most of this Delete for everyone feature?

If you feel that you’ve sent a text or picture by mistake, so you’ll get an option to recall it. By using this feature message will be unavailable from your chat as well as from the receiver’s end as well. The main point is you can only revoke the message that is what you’ve sent within 7 minutes only. After that you won’t be able to delete those messages.

Drawbacks of using this feature:

Now the question is can we delete the messages from all the WhatsApp users. But the point is both the parties should have the same version of the WhatsApp to make the most of this feature. Otherwise it won’t work.

This is one of the most awaited features of WhatsApp but this isn’t available in the WhatsApp business app. We all hope for few more interesting features from the end of WhatsApp.

Stay tuned for more updates on WhatsApp delete feature and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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