Now watch Facebook Videos on Smart TV

Now watch Facebook Videos over Smart TV

Facebook is now set to launch an amazing app for watching its Facebook videos over TV.

When we talk about revolutionary things on social media, so here we are with a big update. Now this social media website is planning to launch an app wherein you can watch its Facebook videos on smart TV.

As per the further reports this app will be there soon and that will be available for few devices. Such like Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and few other big brands.

Facebook has made that statement over BlogSpot and mentioned that users can also scroll their news feed as well. Apart from that they can watch videos as well.

Here are few latest updates on Facebook:

  • Location request in Facebook messenger
  • Facebook has added GIF support when we talk about comment section
  • You can send offline messages if there is low network or no network connections
  • Facebook live feature is adding up all the popularity to this amazing social media platform
  • Recently Facebook came up with Facebook marketplace and workplace as well.
  • Facebook has already modified the recommendations for adding up new friends.
  • Now Facebook is capturing your contact section plus your Instagram followers too in friend’s recommendations
  • Facebook has recently implemented stories features as well just like Snapchat. This feature is really getting popular everywhere as Instagram is also using this one
  • This website app has already rolled out camera effects kind of features as well previously
  • Facebook Messenger’s ‘Trash Doves’ sticker set lets you add more fun to your chats

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