Vodafone Idea are merging

Idea and Vodafone may launch JioPhone rival

Now finally it’s official that Vodafone Idea are going to merge with each other. This step is really decisive considering so many things. Reliance Jio is also expanding their market, and Airtel is also struggling to capture the market. Now this combined entity is expecting something really big. This is just to reach on top of the market by FY19.

This is an amazing step by both Vodafone and Idea, and this may hurt both Reliance and Airtel. In this step Vodafone is going to be major beneficiary to establish in this market. And at the same time Idea will get an opportunity to get all the advantage in metro cities. This step may build up a new organizer in the field of mobile and data industry. And there will be certain hard competition between Reliance Jio and Airtel and this merge of Vodafone and Idea.

When we talk about the top levels of both the companies, the promoters of both will have the right. They will just nominate few directors and promoters of Idea have the right to assign a chairman after that step.

Promoters of both Vodafone and Idea will approve the appointment of CEO and COO.  Vodafone gets the right to appoint a CFO of the company.

This step may help Vodafone to hit the list on Indian stock market as well.

As per the reports, this emergence of a new company may disappoint the recent collections of Reliance Jio. As per trade analysts, it would be interesting to notice the aggression by Jio that how long they can maintain.

Let’s see what is in the stores of this new merger Like Vodafone Idea. Stay tuned for more updates on this and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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