Vivo V5 Plus Vs OPPO F3 Plus

Vivo V5 Plus Vs OPPO F3 Plus

Vivo V5 Plus Vs OPPO F3 Plus

In the recent past Vivo and OPPO both came up with few amazing Smartphones for photography lovers. Let’s just have a look at the comparison of Vivo V5 Plus Vs OPPO F3 Plus smartphones.

Price Comparison

OPPO F3 Plus will cost you around 30,990 Rs and Vivo V5 Plus will cost you around 27,980 Rs. There is a slight difference in cost but both are almost same when we talk about performance.

Camera Comparison

OPPO F3 Plus is having 16MP + 8MP and Vivo V5 Plus is having 20MP + 8MP dual front cameras.

Vivo V5 plus is coming up with LED flash that isn’t there with OPPO F3 Plus. But autofocus is available with both Smartphones. When we talk about Image Resolution both Smartphones are having same resolution (4616 * 3464 Pixels). Aperture is also same that is 2.0 F and shooting modes are also same.

Performance and Storage Comparison

Both Smartphones are coming up with Octa Core processor. When we talk about RAM both Smartphones are coming up with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage capacity.

Design Comparison

Steps                 OPPO F3 Plus    Vivo V5 Plus

Build Material   Metal Back          Metal Back

Screen Size       6.0 inches            5.5 inches

Pixel Density     367 ppi                 401 ppi

Thickness           7.3 mm                 7.2 mm

Width                 80.8 mm               74 mm

Height                163.6 mm             152.5 mm

Display Type     IPS LCD                IPS LCD

Colors                Black, Gold          Gold

Multi touch       Yes                         Yes

As per our survey we found both Smartphones are equally amazing and you may go for both. Camera quality wise and performance wise we will give both these Smartphones 4 stars user ratings out of 5 stars.

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