Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is here

Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2017 with new capabilities

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in this world of technology. And Microsoft always keeps on upgrading itself every now and then. Now it’s time for Visual Studio 2017 with so many new facilities.

This US based company Microsoft recently launched Visual Studio 2017 with new features to help developers. So now developers can build any kind of application for any platform using this new Visual Studio 2017.

Microsoft Visual Studio is such an amazing platform for developers to build so many applications. And so many developers prefer to work over this platform as it’s easy to handle as well. After this version of VS, developers can develop all types of applications for every platform that too using every language.

When we talk about the previous version of Visual Studio 2015, it was also a big hit. And it was installed on over 21.1 million times after the release of that version.

Now this Visual Studio 2017 will give developers a great cloud based and mobile development experience.  Any of the development can reach at the higher level by using this new VS 2017.

Microsoft has added many features in this, which makes it faster for the users to develop app for several platforms. So that using this users will be able to develop mobile apps for Android, windows and iOS platforms as well.

As per the further reports, this update is a really lightweight and modular as well. Visual Studio 2010 and 2015 were really heavy as compared to this one. This update will allow users to test their code as well.

That will be on developers to choose to develop apps with Apache or Visual C++ platform development in Visual Studio.

Stay tuned for further updates on this Visual Studio 2017 and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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