Make video calls via Truecaller

Now make video calls via Truecaller

Now make video calls via Truecaller

Here is the big update coming up from the end of the most popular “phone number searching app” Truecaller. As per the update Truecaller has recently collaborated with Google’s video calling app Duo. After this incorporation with Google, now Truecaller is going to be more popular among Android and iPhone users.

Company is saying that from now on users will be able to make high quality video calls globally. This feature will really give the benefits to many people across the globe.

Truecaller has already announced few amazing features previously. Such features are like smart call history, availability and a brand new dialer as well. Smart call history will help you to change the unknown number with original names and pictures in your Truecaller history. This will do that for those contacts those who aren’t there in your phonebook. When we talk about availability feature, that will show incase your contacts are busy or on another call. By using this you can actually avoid being busy during a phone call. Last built-in dialer is available just to make calls straight from the Truecaller app. Such features using this app more user friendly and more useful among all competitive apps.

Stay tuned for more updates on making video calls via Truecaller and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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