How to verify twitter account

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How to verify twitter account

Now days Twitter is the new trend in the section of social media. So many Facebook users are switching to Twitter just because of few celebs connection over there. Now Twitter is making it really easy to verify your account. This will add up a new blue tick next to your Name over this most popular social media website and app.

What does that blue tick mean?

If you have a blue tick over your Twitter account, that means you are a genuine person and having the accurate description. It’s really important to have a phone number connected with your account. This blue tick has become a status symbol of this social media world.

Steps for how to Get Verified:

  • Your Twitter Name should match with your original name or your company’s name (in case of corporate account).
  • You must carry your verified phone number.
  • A confirmed email address with the associated account.
  • Exact bio of your account should be there.
  • A real profile photo of yourself or your company account.
  • Your header picture should be related to your account.
  • Your appropriate birthday details should be there.
  • In the Twitter privacy settings set your tweets as “Public”.
  • You should provide Twitter a valid reason that why Twitter should verify you as a mission statement.
  • You have to upload a scanned copy of any of your government issued ID proof.
  • Once you complete all your details over Twitter you can proceed to for step to step verification.
  • After that twitter will check if you have a valid reason to verify your account.

For the security purposes Twitter use to take some time in order to check all the details. And twitter use to make sure that the ID and information doesn’t fall into the incorrect hands.

After everything Twitter will notify you saying whether your request has been approved or not. Just in case of your verification request is denied you can try again after 30 days of rejection mail.

Stays tuned for more updates on verify twitter account and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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