Remember before using Public WiFi

Remember before using Public WiFi

Remember few things before using Public WiFi

There are few things which you should always remember while using free Public WiFi. Have a look at few steps about that:

Update your phone operating system

First of all you’ve to make sure that your operating system is up to date as per the latest edition. That will help you to fix vulnerabilities and also to avoid hackers from stealing your data as well. Whenever Google is asking you to update any new software just install that update.

Use Mobile anti-virus tools

It’s really important to use anti-virus tools before using any public WiFi. You must avoid the risk of getting few viruses like malware from other sources. Few mobile security apps can help you to prevent such issues.

Avoid online banking and online shopping

Just in case you are using your online banking or shopping online over public WiFi, that’s really unsafe over there. As it would be really easy for few hackers to steal your personal informal from there so you should avoid.

Start using two-way authentication

You should always use two-way authentication if you really want to secure your information over your social accounts. As such methods provide you extra security just to make sure your information is safe and with you only. So you should always use such method in case of availability of such options.

Disable Wi-Fi once you’re done

It’s such an amazing idea to turn your WiFi off after the use of that. With WiFi disabled, in case anyone attempts to drop unwanted malware onto your device will fail automatically. That’s the easiest way to protect your Smartphone.

Never connect your WiFi without VPN

We will strongly recommend you not to use the public WiFi without VPN address. It could be a security tool for you to protect from few viruses.

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