Users shifting from Facebook to WhatsApp

users shifting from fb to whatsapp

Users shifting from Facebook to WhatsApp for News

As per the latest news, now users have started shifting from Facebook to WhatsApp for news. Now Instagram is the highest rating app among users and it’s trending along with WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, both Instagram and WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, but users are going away from Facebook.

Recently Facebook is suffering with worse customer relations when that data privacy break was happening few moments ago. After that data leak so many users have moved away from the app and they aren’t trusting Facebook anymore. It could be a major setback for the biggest social media giant Facebook. As per the recent survey now users are spending more time on WhatsApp and Instagram rather than Facebook. So things aren’t going in favour of Facebook.

A survey has found that it’s the responsibility of the platform to fix the issues with fake and untrustworthy news. There are massive percentage of users those were saying that the government should do something to stop this fake news.  As per the ratio more than 50% were concerned about what is fake or what is real on internet. So many of them are shifting from Facebook to WhatsApp and this could be a disaster for Facebook.

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