Unsend your WhatsApp chats soon

WhatsApp business App will be out soon

Unsend your WhatsApp chats soon

Here is the big update coming up from Whatsapp’s end that soon you’ll be able to unsend your WhatsApp chats. This feature will be same as Instagram messaging feature wherein you can unsend your chats from the history. This is going to be an amazing move, let’s see how users are going to react on this.

Well, previously WhatsApp is regularly trying to update the app and app was under controversy for its status feature. Now this is just a new update and this feature may surprise few users.

Name of this feature will be “Recall” feature, as the name is suggesting this will allow users to recall chats.

As per the reports, WhatsApp is going to launch this feature for Iphone users with version 2.17.30+.

Previously as per another updates were suggesting that status feature will be there on WhatsApp web as well. Let’s see when this is going to happen as we all are waiting for that update on this.

Well, WhatsApp has started rolling out few amazing updates for its iOS app. That update came up with such new updates for album, filters and reply shortcut as well.

In album feature you can organize your pictures in a better way. Just the same way filters will allow users to add up few amazing filters to their pictures from app’s camera. And at last quick reply feature will be there too.

That’s all we have right now when we talk about WhatsApp updates. We will keep updating you all about more features about Facebook owned the most popular messaging app WhatsApp.

Stay tuned for more updates on WhatsApp chats and other Latest Web Technology News.

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