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Twitter Updates: Twitter is now supporting app for two factor authentication.

After having a look at so many security concerns, Twitter is now supporting two factor authentication for the users. Now it will be really easy for users to protect their account by using such method.

This feature is there since the end of the last year and so many users are unaware about this feature.

This feature allows this most popular social media app to use third party apps like Google authenticator as well. Let’s just have a look at the process of applying the same settings.

  • First of all you have to login your Twitter account.
  • Click on the setting and privacy.
  • There in the account column you will get “Login Verification” option.
  • Tick over “Verify Login Requests” option, so that you’ll get a sms whenever you need to access your account.

By following this step you’ll be sure that your account is safe as you’ll get a code everytime you’ll login. There is another option, just in case you lose the access over phone than you can backup of the code.

When we talk about a report, Twitter found 317 million monthly active users at the end of 2016. On the other hand company found few users were faking the amount of followers and sending span articles. So company had to take a step and Twitter is continuously trying to make this app and website better.

Stay tuned for more Twitter Updates and other Latest Web Technology News.

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