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Almost every social networking site is trying to update now days and now it’s time for Twitter to come up with a new update which is going to be a big one.

As per the latest reports Twitter is going to update the functionality wherein one can soon edit their tweets. This is basically a good move from this end.

So many celebs are regularly using twitter which is making this app and site really popular among youth. But previously we’ve seen so many tweets which we use to delete just because of lack of this editing feature.

Company is asking users now and then for such feedbacks and we’re sure so many user must have asked for it.

As per a survey so many users were asking for Birthday Reminder over this website as well. This can make this app even more popular.

This is all started when Dorsey asked user in a tweet, “what’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017″

It’s been so long since user are asking for such editing features but now finally let’s hope when this company is going to fulfill the wish of such users and soon this feature will be there.

After the digitalization, so many new users have started using so many social networking sites and after Facebook, people are heading towards Instagram and Twitter.

As per a previous update, so many users mentioned that “Twitter is copying Snapchat”. And now just after that company has announced its new update just to keep the criticism away.

Users also asked Dorsey to struggle against hate and annoyance to which the CEO reacted by mentioning that taking clearness to this social media site was a “big priority” and will always be.

Stay tuned for the further Twitter updates and other Technology News.

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