Twitter Lite updates

Twitter Lite updates

Twitter Lite updates

We are trying to make Twitter faster, cheaper and easier to use: Keith Coleman on Twitter Lite updates. Well it’s been so long Twitter is continuously working on the design and updating the app on regular basis. Company has recently changed the look and feel of the most popular social media giant Twitter.

As per the spokesperson about Twitter, management is working hard in order to make this faster and easier to use.

Twitter has already launched “Twitter Lite” previously in April and it was just all about considering data issues. Twitter Lite uses to consume less data and it performs really well in the low data speed too. We’ve already witnessed such a huge amount of increment in user base when it’s come to this app. So that idea from the Twitter management was more than just a hit.

Basically there are few specific features those are really getting popular, that are like “Data Saving Mode”. This is really helping users to make the most of this app at a rapid pace and with really less data.

Twitter has already mentioned in their reports that India is one of our largest markets. And this company is focusing on India and making this product better and consistently changing as per the suggestions. In few other reports company mentioned that we’re working with few features and that would really help Indian users.

Twitter is working on the following section as well wherein it will be easy for users to follow their interests. So many users visit over this platform just to get in touch with the updates from all over the world. Now this will make a bit easier for several users.

Twitter has recently updated the app with automatic Day and Night mode, that’s also a good move.

Stay tuned for more information on Twitter Lite updates and Other Latest Web Technology News.

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