Twitter Latest Updates

Twitter Latest Updates

Twitter Latest Updates

Twitter is really getting popular day by day all because of huge involvement of celebs from all over the world. This is the reason why twitter users base is increasing day by day. Now in order to keep the increasing trend alive, twitter has recently made few changes in the website and application.

Twitter has made few changes with icons and made it so easier to use as compared to the previous one. And as per the recent reports, so many twitter users aren’t so happy with this change. It also altered the display pictures of the users from square to round in shaped.

We’ve already witnessed so many jokes about such changes from the end of twitter. As per another report, there were around 30,000 tweets related to these changes over twitter. When we talk about this in detail there were many people who were complaining about the new look. Let’s see how this big social media giant will react on all this.

Even previously twitter took such heat form the users few months back when company rolled out the moments feature. Twitter moved from star icon to heart icon, as a favorite tweet at that time also users were criticizing.

This redesign of twitter is the latest attempt and this is just to attract few new users. As the way twitter weren’t getting popular the way Instagram is growing rapidly. So let’s see what will happen next to twitter.

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