Twitter Data Saver Feature

Twitter Data Saver Feature

Have a look at the latest Twitter Data Saver Feature:

Well recently Twitter has launched an update related to Data Saver following the path of Facebook. It is out now for both Android and iOS platforms. If you’re using the latest version, you’ll get this update under settings option and data saver. So this data saver feature will really help Twitter user to save some healthy amount of data regularly. It was already there on the windows app and Twitter Lite, which was out previously.

Now this update will help you to prevent auto play of videos whenever you scroll your tweets. It’ll help to load the image in low quality, perhaps you can click and tap on load High quality anytime. The feature was there previously but it wasn’t located at the same place, now it will come under data saver mode.

Twitter previously launched Night Mode for windows and app, it became so popular among so many users. This microblogging app is working consistently in order to get few interesting feature. We all hope we’ll get to see the sudden hike in the number of users already there on the platform.

As per another update by Twitter, now app will take all the emojis as equal characters in the word count. It will surely cut down the confusion on the characters count and emojis count.

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