Twitter app issues, Have a look

Twitter app issues

Yes, micro blogging website and Twitter app was down for a few minutes

Yes now a days this is getting a huge problem with many social media websites. Few social media websites are going down for technical issues. This is creating a huge mess for the users those who are instantly using the most popular social media app. wherein people aren’t been able to post their messages and media files as a tweet. That’s not clear as yet that how many countries are going to affect because of this outage.

In the recent past we already heard little news about WhatsApp down as well. It’s really hard to understand that why exactly such errors are occurring now a days. It could be due to heavy user’s volume or company is making few changes when it’s come to website. We will get to know that really soon.

When we talk about last year October, Twitter was facing the same issues as it was down for almost 3 hours. All of sudden on 21st of October this popular app went down and few other website impacted as well.

Well Twitter is yet to make any official statement that what exactly all that incident happened. Even this year also on 25th of March twitter went down for almost 45 minutes.

Few people were commenting over social media that such websites are facing hacking issues and this is the reason behind such outage. But as far as the fact is concern, there weren’t such issues when it’s come to this issue.

Stay tuned for more updates on Twitter app down and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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