Trump admits Facebook Twitter ‘helped’ him win

Donald Trump admits Facebook Twitter ‘helped’ him win

Donald Trump admits that social media like Facebook Twitter ‘helped’ him win

Nowadays social media is playing vital role in every business growth. And now when it’s come to promote any individual there is always a big role of Social Media.

New US president Trump has said that few social media platform like Facebook and Twitter played a vital role in his historic win. He also added that he would restrain himself from its regular use after assuming the highest office next year as well.

Afterall, he has almost around twenty eight million followers over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “It’s a great form of communication,” as per the Trump. Nowadays almost everyone is making the most of social media and posting all the stuff there. Such platforms are helping them win with big margin due to the reach of social media. Now there is a huge conception that whom should we trust in this time of paid media.

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  1. After a month or so of non-stop pinning you go back to normal life. Yes, it is somewhat of a time waster, but I cannot stop! so much cool stuff out there, so many ideas, so many things to do and see! You will love it.

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