Truecaller Updates : Things that it can do for you

Truecaller Updates

Truecaller Updates: Have a look at few things that Truecaller can do for you

You can make payments

Truecaller has recently tied up with few banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis and Kotak Mahindra just to make Truecaller Pay. Users can even may their recharge done with this option.

Send Flash Messages

You can use Truecaller for sending flash messages and the receiver will get that flash screen for next one minute.

You can spam few unwanted messages

If you’re getting unwanted texts on your phone then you can use Truecaller in order to spam those messages.

You can track about ‘Last Seen’

With Truecaller you can check who is online, you can check by opening the person’s profile and you’ll get it. You will be able to see when your contact was last online and the availability status.

Un-list your number from the app

If you aren’t willing to continue with your number in the database of Truecaller, you can un-list your number. For that you have to visit and you can type your number there with country code. And it will be done within a while.

You can make Truecaller as a default messaging and calling app

Apart from searching your unknown number you can try using Truecaller as a default messaging and calling app.

You can make Video calls via Truecaller

Well, you can make video calls via Truecaller and it runs with the association with Google’s video calling app Duo.

Create your own profile

Well, so many people are unaware about this feature that you can make your profile over Truecaller. And you can add your personal information there along with your website, email and your contact information.

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