Toyota’s flying car is on the way

Toyota working on flying car

Toyota is now working on ‘flying car’

Whenever we talk about revolutionary changes in Automobile Technology, this is going to be the massive one. Wherein Toyota Motor Corp has started working on “Flying Car”. This startup project backed up by the Japanese automaker that has recently developed a test model only as of now. They are just working on a tiny car with a driver who will be able to fly.

As per the reports, Toyota has already spent a huge amount on this project. And they invested around 386,000 dollars in that setup.

During the test flight previously, it blew up huge amount of sand and it was too noisy as well. Size of the car was really small and it was loaded with few sensors and batteries.

That car managed to get up to the level of eyes and fell on the ground just after few seconds.

As per the leaders they are planning to make this for so long as a part of their passion. But now they mentioned that they are working on the better design with the money from Toyota. As per the plan they are planning to fly their first flight in 2019. As of now, no one has ridden on such sky drive or any drone as it’s not at all safe.
Toyota isn’t about traveling in sky, but in water as well, that still remains a tiny part of the kingdom. Basically this project started two years ago and most probably it will take another two years. We’ll update you once we’ll get any update on this going further.

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