Top Technology News of the Day

Top Tech News

Top Technology News of the Day

Microsoft Windows Phone officially dies today

Microsoft finally confirmed this news via one of its support page that finally the windows phone is no more available. As per this news, from now onwards all the devices on this platform will no more receive any security/technical updates.

Now you can locate public toilets in New Delhi, with the help of Google

Good news for people who stay in Delhi as you can now get to know about public toilets via Google. There are already 331 public toilets on Google map and within three months 41 more is going to app-up there.

Reliance JioFiber updates

Finally JioFiber plans have just leaked and as per reports, company is planning to give 100 GB data per month. Company is planning the trial in few cities like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Vadodara, Jamnagar and Surat. There is 100Mbps plan offering 100 GB data per month but users have to deposit Rs 4,500 for 3 months. After the consumption of 100 GB data limit, that speed will be really less and it will be around 1Mbps.

Dell launches world’s first wireless charging laptop

Dell has finally launched that laptop that we all were discussing about and this one is having wireless charging feature. That’s more than just a revolution in the laptop’s market.

Soon, you can convert audio clips into a realistic video

It’s been so long researchers were working on the same technology and finally it’s going to be there. Wherein via computer algorithms you can turn your audio clips into synced video of the person.

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