Have a look at few Top Tech News July

Top Tech News

Have a look at few Top Tech News July

Infosys gives 5% average salary increment

This is such amazing news for the people those who are working at Infosys that now they’re getting salary increment. As per the reports, candidates will get an increment of 5% on an average. Few top performers will around 10-12% increment as well. Infosys is now looking forward for each and everyone’s individual contribution towards the company.

Smartphone shipment to grow 5% globally in 2017: Gartner

As per Gartner, shipment of Smartphones is expecting to grow by 5% globally despite of slight downfall in device shipment. This is going to be around 1.6 billion units in the end of 2017 as end users are showing interests.

China’s WeChat users can chat on the go in Europe

That’s good news for Chinese tourists; they can now use this app WeChat while soaking up the sights in Europe. Basically this app launched in 2011 and that has known as Weixin in China. That app has already crossed 935 million monthly active users, that’s a big achievement for this app.

Times Internet leads digital news usage with 51% share

That’s such big news coming up from Times Internet that Times Internet leads digital news usage with 51% share.

Nokia plans to stay focused on Smartphones

Nokia is now planning to stay focused only on Smartphones right now and there are no such plans for tablets. That really indicates that Nokia is following a good market research, that’s going to help the company in near future. Company has already launched Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and latest version of Nokia 3310.

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