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Top Tech News

Have a look at few top tech news of the day:

WhatsApp feature lets you keep important chats on top

WhatsApp is now allowing users to keep their important chats on the top of the list. This feature is now available for few beta users but very soon company is going to roll this feature out. You can keep 3 chats on the top of the list as of now. Let’s see what is in the stores of this most popular private messaging app.

Facebook to hire 3,000 to review violent content

Facebook is now taking the criticism seriously and now planning to hire around 3000 just to review the violent content. Let’s see what is in the stores of Facebook as few shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg out of this company.

Reliance Jio had the fastest download speeds in March: TRAI

So many users were predicting about the low speed of Reliance Jio but here are few other updates. Reliance Jio is topping every now and then when it’s come to downloading speed, that’s great news for Jio users. Jio users are getting 18.48 mbps as per the latest update.

Uber to defend its self-driving car programme in US court

This news is coming up from the end of Uber Technologies that now company is defending its self-driving car programme. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Facebook Messenger games now available to all users

Facebook is coming up with an amazing update and coming up with few interesting games for their users. It was available for beta users and now it’s available for all its 1.2 billion monthly users.

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