Teenagers with Smartphone addiction

Teenagers with Smartphone addiction

Teenagers with Smartphone addiction

 Smartphone addiction is one of the biggest addictions in this world and reports have proved already. Especially with the teenagers they always prefer Smartphone over anything else in their life. As per the recent reports, teenagers with Smartphone use to go on dates lesser than their parents. The main reason behind that is the Smartphone addiction.

As per the study, nowadays students use to prefer their study material over Smartphones only, rather than course related books. This Smartphone has already become a massive addiction for all the age groups but mostly there are teenagers.

As per another reports, teenagers aren’t interested in going out with the friends, hanging out and involving in other activities. But they are all happy with their Smartphone sitting at home and playing games and stuff. As per a survey that found downfall in sexual activities among teenagers and this is just because of Smartphone addiction.

Smartphone is such an amazing invention but it’s all up to us that how we’re making the most of it. We shouldn’t consider our Smartphone as a need of every minute. This addiction may impact you in so many ways. This may affect your eye sight and your mental health as well.

Now here parents have to play a big role in order to educate their kids that how to use Smartphone. This may help teenagers as well to make the most of the Smartphone.

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