Tech jobs that cash ban has created

Few tech jobs that cash ban has created

list of few tech jobs profiles that are now available as this nation progress towards a cashless market, with a huge effort from the government’s demonetization drive.

  • Digital Security architect

 “As digitization goes up, protection aspect will be really critical so now there will be a massive requirement for such people those who can compose transactions and digital channels like mobile banking, Internet banking, wallet, etc. with too security,” As per the reports.

Even big companies like Sony and Yahoo have recently faced such cyber attacks.

“With digitization, we are going to see a huge amount of data breaches as well as less educated citizens are paying heed into the digitized payment system,” as per another report.

  • Biometrics, regional language programmers

This is one of the biggest confronts pertaining to demonetization is association of the literacy gap between such mediums. This will involve a blend of regional language programming and graphical UI design. So that will generate a requirement of huge number of workers to fulfill that.

  • Digital champions

Such people are those who can easily interpret industry necessities into tech based language and when it’s come to digital geeks come up with explanations they can attach that to the core trade policy.

“We are so sure that there will be a huge requirement for such people those who can attach with the technology which provides business resolutions to make new business opportunities”, as per a spokesperson.

  • Digital CXOs

Well now with the main focus of not just only gaining customers at a rapid pace but that should also be liable for making the most of the usage of clients in terms of regularity as well as ticket range.

When it’s come to Skills requirement, few senior trade professionals can do that really well with the awareness and understanding of all the basic business.

  • Anti-money laundering unit’s principal officer

Nowadays few customers are facing real-time recognition of such incidents just to detect if bank staff is working in collaboration with fraudsters. So there is a huge requirement for such kind of people those who will keep a sharp eye.

Stay tuned for more info related tech jobs and other technology updates.

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