How to speed up your 3G connection – Follow these steps

How to speed up your 3G connection

Slow data on 3G connection is a serious issue for Smartphone users. And sometimes it’s embarrassing when we can’t download our content.

Here we can tell you how to boost up your 3G connection speed with some simple steps.

There are few important steps regarding your Smartphone and you may be unaware of that, so here we are.

Download the right browser

Well if you’re looking for the best speed make sure you’re at the right place when it’s come to browser. As per the reports Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for the Android users. It can sync your device as well. Though, Google Chrome uses to take a lot of space over your Smartphone. But basically it makes you remember your passwords and bookmarks as well.

Opera Mini can also be a right choice as this is also really quick which monitors that which app is consuming the data at the most and it consumes less space, there is a lighter version of Opera Mini as well.

Disable Images in Browser

Well if you really want to excess your interest faster than before, try to place your browser on the text mode only and for that you need to disable images. Google Play Store doesn’t allow this feature but you can get it done manually from the settings. Once you will start using this, you’ll see the difference in your network speed.

Clear Cache

Now this is the most important step if you’re working hard to get your internet speed. You must clear your cache memory regularly. This can slow down your device too. Just to make this happen you need to go through your phone settings > Applications > Select the App whose cache you want to clear. There are few cleaners available as well.

Uninstall few memory consuming apps

There are few apps which take a lot of memory and always run in the background, those apps can slow down your internet speed. Few widgets are also there which we all should avoid in order to have an improved and faster internet experience.

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