Sony Smartwatch SW2 review

Sony Smartwatch SW2 review

Sony Smartwatch SW2 is an amazing Smartwatch that you will get to know while reading this article. If you are a android Smartphone user then this watch can expands your android experience.

You can connect this Sony Smartwatch SW2 via Bluetooth. And you will find our Smartphone details over your wrist. This is an amazing experience having all your apps and other data on your wrist.

When it’s come to the characteristics of this Smartwatch 2 then the weight of this watch is just 11.2 ounces, which is really light.

Dimensions of this Smartwatch are 3.6 * 3.3 * 4.4 inches. And this is available in black color with different straps.

This Smartwatch is sunlight readable which is really impressive feature.

Touch / swipe features are also there in this Smartwatch.

And most importantly this watch is a water resistant (IP57) too.

This watch is coming up with innovative screen technology.

Well this is a standalone digital watch and you can connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth just to check your details like messages, phone calls, your social media notifications and many more things like calendar, music player etc.

The cost of this Sony Smartwatch SW2 is really affordable and that is almost around 12,500.

This Smartwatch 2 is working with both Smartphones and tabs on the android platform 4.0 and latest versions.

You will get the updates on regular basis as soon as that will be available.

There are so many apps which are especially for Smartwatch, are available over play store and you can easily download for free.

You can easily connect your Smartphone via NFC as well with one touch only. All you have to do is touch the one device with other to connect with NFC capable Smartphone and in case of disconnection, you can easily reconnect it just with one touch.

This is really amazing when you can keep track of everything without taking your phone out of your pocket. And you are getting all the notification on your wrist. And if you are a runner you can use sports apps to track your steps.

Stay tuned for more Sony Smartwatch SW2 updates and other Latest Web Technology Updates.

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