Sony Xperia Hello Communication robot

Sony Xperia Hello Communication robot

Sony Xperia Hello Communication robot is all set for launch

Well now Sony Xperia most awaited Hello robot is all set to launch in Japan. As per the reports this will hit in the stores around 16th of November. So many users were talking about such robots to be there to assist in daily routine. Finally it’s here and this robot can recognize the family members so easily and even help with daily routine. You can easily talk to this robot and you’ll get the appropriate reply just after asking.

This robot has its own personality and you don’t need to assist as this will work without any human input. Another quality of this robot is its elasticity and can rotate up to 340 degrees. It has so many lights to communicate the feelings and it can simply rotate to address each and everyone whoever speaks to it. This robot can help family member to plan their schedule, weather forecast updates and traffic updates as well. Sony Xperia Hello communication robot can dance too; this will add one extra family member to double your happiness.

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