Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution

Have a look at few updates of Social Media Revolution.

Well so many users are connected with this social media and for that Social Media is improving day by day. Almost every social media giant is working really hard to update the app on the regular basis. When we talk about top social media giants, it has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter is now working on reducing offensive content

Basically twitter is working really hard to deduct all those fake news and such offensive content that are impacting users. Apart from that twitter is also using few new tools to engage few new users as well.

Twitter is working on a feature that will really help users to flag tweets that contains misleading or awkward information. This isn’t official but as per the sources this will appear in a drop down menu alongside tweets.

As per the recent report by the sources, twitter is working to detect spammy behaviors. Such behaviors include those accounts that re-tweet the same tweet so many times.

Now you will notice less spam and fake news on your Facebook News Feed

It’s been so long since Facebook is working really hard to fight against fake news.  That happened after US election as well when Trump also admits that social media platforms helped him win.

Facebook is working to make this news feed by showing more stories and making it more interesting and more entertaining. Basically they want to reduce the spammers and few links that few users are consistently sharing.

Now all these platforms are working really hard to make this social media even more interesting.

Stay tuned for more information about Social Media Revolution and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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