Social media apps have copied each other

Social media apps

There are so many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat that have copied each other recently. Let’s just have a look at few features what exactly they did:

Story feature

Previously it was Snapchat that was really popular for story features that used to hide after 24 hours. First of all Instagram copied that feature and it was successful at their end. After that Whatsapp copied that feature and it wasn’t that successful as it was over Instagram but it’s there now. And finally Facebook is also using this story feature. Now almost every social media app is trying to copy each other.

Code Scanner

Previously we were using snap code just to identify the unique Snapchat users. Now Facebook is also having that feature calling “Code-Scanner” for its messenger app.


Hash tags were really popular over twitter but now Instagram is doing really well with this feature. Recently Instagram has also launched ‘Explore’ tab just to make the most of this feature. So that is how Instagram copied Twitter.

Auto play videos

Here Twitter copied Facebook when it’s come to auto play of videos whenever you’ll scroll down in your account. Even Instagram is also there but over Instagram we have to tap just to listen to the auto section.

Video live streaming

Previously it was all over Twitter’s periscope. But later on Facebook and Instagram copied that feature and gained huge amount of popularity with this feature.

Apart from other options there are so many things that social media apps are copying from each other. Stay tuned for more Social media apps updates and other Latest Web Technology News updates over there.

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