Social media addiction costing creativity

Social media addiction

Social media addiction costing creativity and knowledge

Social media is the latest revolution in the technology sector and this is making few people addicted. Now as per the reports Social Media Addiction is costing creativity and knowledge base.

After the launch of Jio services we have already sensed the increased amount of social media users already. And almost everyone is using social media because of entertainment and stuff. There are really few people those who are there just to gain their knowledge. Mostly teen age people and other youngsters are getting addicted because of this social media accounts. Normally they aren’t even practicing their tasks and they aren’t trying to learn anything creative from their own. And this thing can cost them in their future badly.

As per the reports, the more users are active on social media they are facing few medical issues as well. Like they are more suffering from weak eye sight along with headache issues as well.

As per another report, those who are more active on social media are less creative than the users those who don’t even use it. And when we talk about knowledge, users aren’t using any of the social media account just to gain knowledge. Users are just entertaining themselves through this media accounts.

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