Snapchat update isn’t pleasing for users

Snapchat update

Snapchat update isn’t pleasing for users

Snapchat is really a popular instant image posting app wherein now days this app is facing criticism. So many users are already there and associated with this app and this app was really going well. All of a sudden Snapchat changed the outlook of this app and disliked by so many users. Basically it’s an era of social media and many users give their reaction on the changes over technology.

As per the report, a petition to undo latest Snapchat update clicks a million signatures to get the old version. Many users are trying to get rid of the useless features in Snapchat and they want the old design back. That petition on was on and users were disappointed with Snapchat’s update.

Previously Snapchat has also faced many issues due to one statement by their CEO. At that time also Snapchat was facing criticism and now this time there is another reason about their new update. Considering the response of few users, we feel that the old Snapchat will be back very soon. Same thing happened with WhatsApp when they updated their picture status update and they came back to previous version. We all hope that even Snapchat won’t disappoint their users and will be back with some other update soon.

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