Snapchat issues: CEO is facing criticism

Snapchat issues: CEO is facing criticism

Snapchat issues: CEO is facing criticism after the statement about Indians

As per the reports on social media, that found the CEO of Snapchat mentioning that India is a poor country. And this app is only for rich people that damaged the image of the most popular app. Resulting this app is now getting 1 star as a user rating over Play Store.

Now as per the clarification by this company’s officials, that CEO of Snapchat never made that statement about Indians. Company is clarifying that it was the ex employee of Snapchat that made such statement.

As per the previous reports, when an employee mentioned that app’s low growth in market like India. At the same time CEO mentioned, I don’t want to expand this app into poor countries like Indian and Spain. And going further he also mentioned that this app is only for rich people.

Now as per a spokesperson, this is ridiculous, this app is for everyone and it’s available worldwide for free. A disgruntled former employee to harm the image of this company, mentions such words.

But no matter what is going on but app is facing huge criticism just because of this statement. We have found so many users unfollowed this app and gave negative feedback as well.

Now company is taking is U-turn and mentioned that mobile app is for everyone and we’re grateful for Indian users. But that statement made a huge impact on the market of this company.

So many twitter users were using #boycottsnapchat hashtag to show their disappointment against the CEO of company.

As per few other reports, shares of this app also fell down by 1.5% after this statement. Now company is trying hard to make little clarification on this statement.

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