Snapchat Instagram Comparison

Snapchat Instagram

Snapchat Instagram Comparison

When we talk about social media revolution about photo sharing apps, we’ve got two apps and that’s Snapchat Instagram. Both these have apps have many users in the different categories.

When we talk about last few months, when Instagram has launched the stories features, this is becoming way more popular. Basically Instagram took that feature from Snapchat only but Instagram has more features than Snapchat.

Instagram is way better app than Snapchat and it has many features like Face-filters, Location-tag, Hash-tags, stickers and other tools. Even now you can share posts with your friends and that will disappear automatically the way it happens in Snapchat.

As per the reports regarding daily users, so Instagram has around 250 million users those who are updating stories regularly. On the other hand Snapchat has disclosed that it has 166 million daily users those who are posting regularly. So there is a massive difference between these two apps.

Basically Snapchat is missing a big feature that may really help the app to enhance the user base really fast. Snapchat may think about having a section wherein users can post and save their data publically for no time limit. Otherwise it has everything what users are feeling like now days.

There is such huge amount of Snapchat fans and they won’t ever accept Instagram over Snapchat. But the face is Instagram is a way better app than Snapchat when it’s come to features and user base.

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