CEO of Snapchat approved redesign of the app

Snapchat approved redesign

CEO of Snapchat approved redesign of the app

As per the recent updates, finally CEO of Snapchat approved the disliked redesign despite of several warnings. So many regular snapchat users were criticising that redesign and issued many warnings but Snapchat denied to make any changes. As per the CEO, users will get use to the app soon and will start enjoying the app again.

When it was redesigned company was aiming to separate the celebrity and friends content. And most of the users gave negative feedback to that move. As per the reports, around 83% of the users gave negative reviews on Apple App Store. Even few celebs were criticising as well including Kylie Jenner. But we all hope the things will be back on track very soon with Snapchat.

Its been so long since almost every social media app is trying to make changes on regular basis. WhatsApp is also one of the app which faces huge criticism for copying snapchat stories. But seems now users are adopting this feature and using the same regularly. So hopefully snapchat users will also accept this move and will be back on track soon.

Snapchat is trying to make this app easier to use and make the content look more interesting in coming future. Lets hope for some positive news from the end of biggest social photo sharing platform.

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