Smartphones addiction problems

smartphones addiction

Smartphones addiction may cause personal, social problems: Study

As per the latest updates of smartphones addiction that is really getting harmful now a days especially for women. Such smartphones addiction is costing so many problems like personal, social and health issues.

Now days our smartphone are providing quick solution to access our social media accounts with immediate access.

We are heading towards revolution in technology and this is costing us so many negative as well as positive points. When we talk about smartphone addiction that’s not all about telephonic conversations but there are other things. People are getting addicted to online shopping, video gaming, access of social media usage and other addition usage as well.

As per the reports, many users were facing from so many health issues like depression, social isolation and Social Anxiety.

After the launch of free data services by many data providers, so many users are getting more addicted. This is really impacting on the work mode of the users and in so many other ways as well. So many companies have reported that recently they have noticed the downfall in productivity of the candidates due to this.

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