Smartphone users to touch Rs 65 Crore in 2019

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Smartphone users to touch Rs 65 Crore in 2019

Number of smartphone users are growing rapidly and there is no doubt about that. After the revolutionary move by Reliance Jio, things have changed so quickly and everyone is heading towards 4G smartphones. It was Rs 40 crore in 2017 and now Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is expecting Rs 65 crore. Now that’s massive and if it will happen then we can say the technology graph in India is going up.

As per official twitter handle – “Ministry of Digital India Initiative”, around Rs 118 crore mobile connection are there in India. And out of those Rs 102.57 crore connections are active as per VLR (Visitor Location Register).  Around Rs 40 crore smartphone users are there in India and 94% of them are accessing internet on their phone.

India is a hub for smartphone industry in all over the world. Ministry has mentioned that India is a leading mobile manufacturing hub with 82 new mobile and its component manufacturing units. That digital India program by Indian government is also encouraging smartphone users.

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  • Finally Google Maps has few new features in India like Plus Codes, Add an Address and Smart Address search.
  • Apple music is now having 38 million paid subscribers.
  • Now WhatsApp users on iPhone have over an hour to delete their sent messages.
  • You can link your sim card with your Aadhaar sitting at home.

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