Smartphone brands that customers love

smartphone brands

Smartphone brands that customers love

When we talk about the Smartphone brands that customers use to love and trust the most, there are so many. And so many users have their own priorities as per their budget. Almost every brand is coming up with updated latest models on the regular basis due to high competition.


As per the survey by “Times of India App” we found that Apple is on the top of the Smartphone brand.  Wherein users loved this brand and 92% of the users were diehard fan of this brand. That’s such a big ratio for any of the Smartphone brand to have with.

When it’s come to retention of the Smartphone brand no brand is a bit close to Apple. And you all know the basic reason for that, iPhone is the biggest asset to this big company. And so many users are addicted to Iphone that’s the reason why retention percentage of Apple is really high.

No other brands are closer to this. As per the survey in US, that reveals over 90% of Iphone owners are trying to upgrade within the company.


After that Samsung is also there but that’s why far to Apple as that retention percentage of Samsung is 77%. Samsung has also done a great job when we talk about capturing the mobile market. There are so many Samsung Galaxy Smartphone lovers those who are trying to retain with their Samsung Smartphones.

Other Brands

Rest others retention percentage was really low. As LG was on 59%, Motorola was on 56% and Nokia was on the lowest side as it was on 42%.

That’s all we have for this time on such reputed Smartphone brands. Stay tuned for more updates Smartphone brands and other Latest Web Technology News updates.

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