Beware! Smartphone affects heart rate

smartphone affects heart rate

If you’re a smartphone user, Beware! Using excessive Smartphone affects heart rate

Beware! Your smartphone could affect your heart rate and you should be really careful. As per the recent research by the team of a researchers found that excess use of smartphone could be dangerous. It has been published in Times of India as well wherein researchers have found that we shouldn’t use our smartphone without earphones.

Scientist have studied few cases when phone was off, when it was with earphone and when it was without earphone. In these cases they found when user was directly in touch with smartphone then it affected the heartbeats many times.

Its been long time many scientists are suggesting us to minimize the use of smartphone but we’ve to pay heed. Radiations of such smartphones are really harmful and it could affect our health. It directly affect your heartbeat and after that it could turn into severe heart disease. Finally researchers have started encouraging people to make the most of earphones in order to avoid such issues. All you have to do is to avoid using your phone with direct contact to the ear.

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